Best Quarterback EVER (citation needed)- a PAT on the back for Tom Brady (get it?)

Football sensation is sweeping the nation after the final game of the 2017 season where a shining star got just a little brighter. Tom Brady won his fifth career Super Bowl and his forth Super Bowl MVP, both marking new, incredible records for the NFL. So say what you will about Brady and, believe me, there is plenty to say- but evidence that can deny his greatness is hard to come by.

And the memes start coming, and they don’t stop coming

The latest performance got me wondering; just how many records does this historic quarterback currently hold? The answer is simultaneously surprising and also exactly what you may expect.


I feel like I should make it clear; I’m not a Patriots fan (my team is the Rams, I’ll be accepting condolences however they find their way to me.) I am, however, an eternal fan of greatness and achievement. So because of my ideology when it comes to sports (that entertainment comes first and greatness is entertaining) I have a wide array of feelings on players like Brady, and only a couple of them falling under the category of a certain deadly sin. Putting that aside, let’s get right into the meat of this; Is Brady the best Quarterback to ever play the game?

From left to right: Johnny Unitas, Tom Brady, and Joe Montana

What set me to thinking during the game was the massive deficit the Patriots faced heading into the fourth quarter. When the final fifteen minutes of the game began to tick away, the Pats were down by a whopping 19 points, with the largest deficit of the game being even greater at 25 points. Keep in mind, a team had never before in Super Bowl history even managed to close a 10 point deficit, so the game seemed all but over. As I was scrolling through Twitter and Facebook I was bombarded by the gas-bagging of sports fans and over-zealous media claiming that, perhaps, it was time for the Patriots to move on from Brady. But then, like a scene right out of a sports movie, queue the comeback. Brady led the charge, making up the deficit and more, breaking the records for most passing yards and most completed passes ever thrown in a Super Bowl, leading to a Patriots victory in the first overtime ever witnessed in Super Bowl history.

Suck it, BADlanta.

Now that you know how great Brady was during the last game of the 2017 season, let’s turn our attention to his regular season performance. This is where I found something pretty surprising; Tom Brady doesn’t hold any records for a Quarterback in the regular season. He briefly fought with Peyton Manning over the Most Single-Season Passing Touchdowns by a Quarterback, eventually losing the record to Manning in 2013. However, Brady has played the most playoff games of any quarterback ringing in at 33. That’s more than two regular seasons combined! So amaze your friends with this fun fact; in Brady’s seventeen years playing in the NFL he’s actually played a full nineteen seasons, fancy that.

This has little to do with the article, but what a great picture.

You know what, I have to take a moment here and come clean- Envy. Envy was the deadly sin I was referring to earlier. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be this guy? Not only does he do all this winning on the field, have you seen his wife? He’s married to the richest super model in history and has a couple of cute kids and his parents seem like absolute sweethearts. Remember deflate-gate? Remember when Brady’s father came out guns blazing to defend his son? What a guy, going to bat for your son even though he doesn’t need the help. Brady really could have just pointed to all the other victories around him, championship rings, wedding rings, etc. but no! His dad just has to be cool too! Some people have all the luck.

Do you guys like memes?

Gushing over, back on topic. Of course there’s more; A lot more. So let’s go rapid fire! In Brady’s 33 game playoff stint he’s managed to win a record 24 of those games, 10 of which were consecutive, while passing for a record 56 touchdowns with a record 7,957 yards by completing a record 683 passes. These numbers led him and his team to a record 11 conference championship games and then to yet another record 7 Super Bowl appearances.

You know what. I lied again. I’m feeling another deadly sin coming on, and it’s definitely lust. Here’s a highlight reel of some of Brady’s best plays for your viewing pleasure.

-Mitchell K. Drummond, contributor and Co-Creator of Heck Media


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