“Storytelling”- C.H. Foertmeyer [Guest Writer]

I am C.H. Foertmeyer, storyteller. I say storyteller because I do not think of myself as an author, or a writer. I tell stories on paper. I believe my greatest influence has been Mark Twain’s Huck Finn. I believe the reader will find “Huck” in many of my books that send young friends out on adventures in the forest or down into the depths of a newly discovered cave.

As to my methodology, I believe it is probably quite different than most “authors” or “writers”. Remember, I am a storyteller, and as such I make up the story as I go along. No notes, no outline, nothing but a starting point, say Joey and Johnny heading out into Johnson’s Woods for a campout. What happens next is no more known to me than it is to you. What happens next is whatever pops into my head, and yes, that does get me in trouble from time to time. I have quite a few books that end in writer’s block around page fifty. Some times I simply lose interest in the story, sometimes the story simply has no logical conclusion that I am able to discover. Sometimes I do return to them, but usually not. They die a quiet death, never seeing the light of day.

On a personal note, here is my “who am I”:

C.H. Foertmeyer was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1949, the eldest of four children. After graduating from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico, he returned to Cincinnati to pursue his career in the paint coatings industry. Today, Mr. Foertmeyer divides his time between web authoring, and fiction writing. He now resides in Forest Park, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. His daughter lives nearby and is the inspiration of his writing, inspiring him to write his first of many fiction novels and novellas to come.

Come visit me at www.foertmeyer.com

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