Now that the hype around Black Panther has begun to fade (as does every single boring ass Marvel Movie) we’ll continue to move forward, as we do, until the next definitely, very “””important””” “”””cultural””” “””movement””””

So we’ll all keep driving unhappily, crammed a car named society.


So I penned a fun little satirical piece the other day, and it looked a little something like this:

Also shout-out to the artists making the posters over in China. You guys kill it.

My piece on the then-upcoming Black Panther Marvel movie did very well for our site, getting us the highest single day visitors and single article views in Heck History! Thanks, guys!

Full transparency 😉

Let’s talk about satire. Actual satire. Want me to do the thing where I bring up the dictionary definitions, adjusting my glasses and fresh chinos? I’ll just make this all really easy on us and immediately define parody and satire as succinctly as I can.

Parody can be funny.

Satire can be funny but needs purpose.

It’s these simple defining factors that allow us as a litmus test in the field. You know, with all the field work you do. And hey, wow, we just so happen to have a piece to test.


Is it funny? – Yes (debatable)

Is it making a good point well? – Yes

[w e l l  t h a t  w a s  e a s y]

But for everyone that doesn’t wanna accept that, here’s a more detailed explanation.

The title of the article plays on BuzzFeed style “clickbait” article titles in order to get people in, allowing them to dig their horrible little claws right into your skull. I capitalized every buzzword that would set off not only people, but with search algorithms in mind.

Further on, I made the title racially charged, as there is some kind of inexplicable link between “issues of social justice” and Superheroes, specifically Marvel heros. And that’s not an accident– people have fully attached themselves to these finding marvel characters in such a way that there is no single day in my life where I don’t hear or see anything about Marvel properties. So of course people would attach their vague ideology to a character designed for you to slap your shitty personality to.

Much like this guy, I don’t know how to feel.

When I posted the piece initially I was given a few lines to quickly pitch the piece to a virtual passersby. So of course I posted the following lines over the next few days–

“We should be able to talk about these issues”

“My opinion is just as valuable as everyone else’s”

It’s 2018, time for a conversation”

And here comes that Heck steeeeeeeeeeeeeeze

Inside the article must be the most vile, racist, bigoted and HATEFUL thoughts and CRIES for BLACK GENOCIDE for a PURE, ARYAN FUTURE.

Well actually it was just me waxing in fleeting internal monologue about how movie theater tickets cost a lot and I’m kinda too poor to justify going OUT to see Black Panther.

s u b t l e

I’m a huge fan of Jonathan Swift, especially his piece “A Modest Proposal”, which outlines a system that takes care of the homeless and orphan problem in his day– He suggests that we begin to eat the kids, use their skin for clothes, and buy the kids from mothers who couldn’t support the child. By him naming the piece “A Modest Proposal” he set you up to shock you only mere moments after you’ve begun reading.

He took the expectations and flipped them on their head. He must have known that nobody would ever read a panphlet titled “We Should, for sure, Kill Orphans and Harvest their Meat.”

My strategy was a little different (a little more 20XX), hitting with the clickbait in order to rile people up, but then, upon reading the article, realize that their piss and vinegar is all but naught in the face of my meandering thoughts about the ticket prices at movie theaters as they close the browser window, hopefully feeling guilty and maybe a little more aware of how they interact with the world.

-Brendan C. Bush, Co-creator and contributor at Heck Media

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