Tenacious D: The Greatest Film Ever Made?

“No– we’re not coming over there”

Call it a movie. Call it a musical. Call it a rock opera. Call it genius. Genius is the only title that these kings of rock can hold with the human hand we are brazen enough to give them.

The Pick is a journey. The Pick is an odyssey. The Pick is a blue Cutlass Supreme racing down the highway, car phone blazing, wrecking on live TV.

Every score is immaculate, perfectly encapsulating. Rock and fucking roll, my guy. Have you ever felt more metal?

“Satan is not in a guitar pick– he’s inside us all”

Get drunk. Fuck it– get high. Get rocked on Benadryl and snotty some Addy. Grab your guitar. Get into the experience.

Cool kids don’t do drugs. Jk, they might. Jkjk, they do.

“Yes you are fucked, shit out of luck”

Tenacious D is one of the best bands that had ever graced this pathetic rock that we day call “Earth” (which means dirt– thanks Rick and Morty). The movie is ornamental, phenomenal, incredible.

“Check this riff; it’s fucking tasty”

If you haven’t watched “Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny” do yourself a favor and watch it. Watch it alone, watch it with friends, watch it high, whatchu know?

Don’t gargle mayonnaise.

-Brendan C. Bush, Co-creator, alcoholic, and contributor of Heck Media

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