ScamVenture Pt.6- The End

Well folks– here we are; the exciting conclusion to “ScamVenture.” I tell ya, it’s been an absolute blast; which is why it’s taken me months to finally finish this up.

I’m allergic to fun.

But I’m going to have to wrap this up here, on part six, for one reason alone: this could go on forever due to Jude Anthony’s persistence. It is an awe-inspiring and completely maddening amount of dedication to scamming that I can only hope to achieve in any of my worldly pursuits. But, onward.

PT6 email.png
The Final Letter

So not only has the “””transaction”” been completed, but Jude Anthony gained a “business partner in India” who remains unnamed, but “came to his aid at the most crucial time”, whatever the hell that means.


You kids like Billy Mays and memes?

Jude has also teamed up with a holy man, as it seems– “Reverend Father Johnson Mace.” I know that it sounds like time to start roasting Jude for being redundant by using “Reverend” and “Father” in the same title, but this is actually a title used in a lot of classic literature. So now there is a veritable Justice League of Scammers who want me to team up and get… 500,000 bucks? HOLD THE PHONE.


I DISTINCTLY remember that, in part three, I had 5.1 million dollars coming my way! I got the run around! I’ve been gypped, duped, tricked, cheated, swindled, flimflammed, and even bamboozled! I mean, sure, I didn’t really comply or do anything at all to get either amount, but to so ungraciously pull the rug out from under me is just uncouth, Jude. For shame!

Angry group pointing finger.

Jude takes another paragraph to thank the Lord, our God, for “keeping His promise” and confirming that the G-man is “truly the Prayer-answering God.” But wait, this next part just boils my blood– “I want to seize this medium to appreciate all your past effort and the time spent in the course of this transaction.” Now you listen here you son of a bitch– how dare you cut my loot by nearly ninety percent but then go on and congratulate me on my effort. You’re a sick man, Jude.

[Picture of Jude Anthony being a sicko, 2017 Colorized]
Jude has made an arrangement with Rev. Father Mace (that name sounds pretty bad-ass, honestly) to send me an “international open bank draft” totaling the aforementioned 500k. Jude tells us to begin correspondence with Rev. Father Mace in order to collect our money, as Jude is going to be very busy in the coming months– no doubt due to his incredible wealth.

I have no intentions of contacting Rev. Father Mace about the money that I am owed, nor will I attempt to contact Jude again– unless I get really bored and start a sequel series.

But not likely.

I want to go back to the idea of persistence. I did not give Jude any real-life information, nor did I give him any money. But for months they heckled me and kept the scam going, with the end game being that I eventually wire money to a remote place in Africa.

The way they can get away with all of this is that this process takes little to no effort to pull off. All they have to do is copy and paste some pre-written nonsense and fill in one, maybe two blank spots to personalize the email– think greeting cards.

Combine this persistence with the religious interpersonal angle and you have a perfect storm for scamming an older generation that is more trustworthy and significantly more pious than my generation. Forbes did a really phenomenal article detailing why the older among us fall for these, and other, types of scams on a nearly daily basis all across the US.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our time here during ScamVenture. Looking back it was an absolute blast to write and I can only hope it was a blast to read. Thank you for your time. We’ll go out with a quote from Barr(i)ster Jude Anthony himself:

pt6 jude.png
You’re welcome.

-Brendan C. Bush, co-creator and contributor at Heck Media

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