Keep the Light Alive: Immigration Law Enforcement in Schenectady, NY

There has been a recent push by a small group of Schenectady residents to make Schenectady a “Sanctuary City”—a city that does not enforce immigration laws, protecting illegal immigrants from the authorities in reference to their citizenship status.

According to Brett Samuels of the Daily Gazette, City Council President Leesa Perazzo stated “We’re going to talk about all of the possibilities that people would like to bring to the table.”  This, of course, means nothing specific just as intended.

Well, what could go wrong? After all, there is no hard statistical evidence that Sanctuary Cities are worse off than non-Sanctuary cities.

Source: The Politics of Refuge: Sanctuary Cities, Crime and Undocumented Immigration; Aug, 16, 2016. Data based on FBI crime statistics.

Well then. FBI statistics clearly show that the crime rates do increase when a city is designated as a Sanctuary for criminals. How bizarre.

But hey, some laws can be ridiculous. Maybe these are just jay walkers or shoplifters inflating the numbers and giving us a false sense of impact when it comes to the crime rates.

Source: The Politics of Refuge: Sanctuary Cities, Crime and Undocumented Immigration; Aug. 16, 2016. Data based on FBI crime statistics.

Do you notice the disturbing trend in both of these charts? There is a growing disparity between the Sanctuary vs. Non-Sanctuary city, meaning that things are getting worse in Sanctuary cities. Researchers also stated that they found “similar results for property crime and rape.”

Jessica Vaughan, the Center for Immigration Director of Policy Studies says that Sanctuary Cities result in so much more crime because the release of illegal aliens is unregulated—they are released without a full review.

And, if all of this wasn’t enough, a Harvard-Harris Poll showed that 80% of American Citizens are “overwhelmingly opposed” to Sanctuary Cities.

Schenectady has always had a higher crime rate than the national average. According to census data  in 2014 Schenectady’s Violent crime rate was 491.4 per 100k citizens, nearly two and a half times the national average of 200.7. This, for those who are unaware, are about as low as the numbers in 2001 (485.2, with a higher national average of 276.6) meaning that Schenectady has become steadily more safe in the past decade.

If Schenectady becomes a Sanctuary City, however, the crime rate will return to the ludicrous heights that it once perched upon. Schenectady has been going through a cultural renaissance within the past decade, with new stores and restaurants that you never would have seen in the 2000’s. We just simply cannot allow this to happen to our Schenectady. We can return Schenectady to its former glory, gang.

Schenectady’s motto, if you’re unaware, is “The city that lights and hauls the world”. The light is finally beginning to come back to Schenectady, don’t let the light be snuffed again.

Keep the Light alive.

-Brendan C. Bush, co-creator and contributor of Heck Media


    • Well thank you for the warmest of wishes. Unfortunately I’m not willing to watch the western world, let alone Schenectady, burn due to the incompetent rule of other nations. Coming legally is perfectly fine, but the statistics show that sanctuary cities, which are havens for illegal aliens, have higher crime rates– not to mention those rates are rising. I have no problem with those seeking asylum from their countries as long as all procedure is followed for a legal immigration.

      I like your email you made just to comment here, by the way.

      -Brendan C. Bush, co-creator and contributor at Heck Media


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