Vestibule of Heck Podcast


This week the boys discuss a head-swapping mad surgeon, the Atari DRAGSTER Cheating saga, and a whole host of other topics, ranging from Monsterball to Sandwiches. It’s a doozy of an episode, folks. Also sorry for the echo– that’ll be fixed next time.


The boys wax nostalgic over the first full year of Heck’s existence, chat about hellish cocktails, and discuss a little behind the scenes “””movie magic””” for the HECKMAS Christmas Spectacular.

Ep.14- “Cloober Memeum”

This week the boys go hard in on sports talk, and we also beat Fox in a copyright fight?! Fair use is our boy *flex*

Ep.13- “Armchair Quarterbacks”

In episode 13 of the podcast, Mitchell and Brendan talk new games, new comics, and good ole sportsball. Oh, we also give our unwanted political opinions, so that’s fun.


Back with a vengeance, Brendan and Mitchell talk about the recent Heck content, sports, and beating the absolute tar out of children.

Ep.11- BACKademiks (ft. Blackademiks)”

In this, the first VoH of the new year, 2017, we got Blackademiks back on the cast to give his hot 2016 takes, talk about battles to come, and, of course, FOOTBALL.

Ep.10- “HECKMAS (feat. The Browns)

A Christmas miracle- Vestibule of Heck is back! This week, Brendan and Mitchell talk about the browns, WHAM!, and share the hottest possible takes on entirely subjective Christmas preferences.

Ep.9- “The Hefty Lefty Experience”

In episode nine of the Vestibule of Heck podcast, Brendan and Mitchell talk about the new champion of the world, bizarre criminals, extreme sports, and FUCK YOU BAM MARGERA.

Ep.8- “Dead Men Tell Some Tales”

On episode EIGHT of VoH, Mitchell and Brendan talk about Yellowstone, stupid bacon mushrooms, a Bat-vigilante (citation needed), and a whole bunch of FOOTBALL. Get hype and give it a listen!

Ep.7- “Noodles of the Damned”

Brendan and Mitchell completely bypass (almost) all election talk and move onto noodle counting, Marcus Peters, good ol’ Gary “literally dead” Ernst, and the stupid fucking moon.

Ep.6- “The Ten Thousand Dollar Question”

Episode Six of the Vestibule of Heck is here! Rob Gronkowski, dildos, Shrek 5, racism in baseball, and even MORE FOOTBALL. With Brendan and Mitchell how could you go wrong??

Ep.5- “Can’t Stop the Gronk”
In the fifth episode of Vestibule of Heck, Mitchell and Brendan talk a LOT about the current football happenings, memes, and other assorted similar relevant topics. CAN ANYONE STOP THE GRONK?!

Ep.4- “Dinosaurs are Liars and Clowns Aren’t Scary”
In episode four of the “Vestibule of Heck” podcast, Brendan and Mitchell take the lighthearted path and only joke about spousal abuse once! Clowns, dinosaurs, Halloween, NaNoWriMo, and so much more is on the agenda!

Ep.3- “Blackademiks- HECK MEDIA EXPOSED!! (GONE SEXUAL!!!!)”
This week on the Vestibule of Heck podcast the boys interview the battle rapper Blackademiks, who is coming off a hot tournament win and is headlining Spittaz “Death Wish II” in Albany, NY on October 30th! Brendan, Mitchell, and Blackademiks discuss a little football news, the first bad post on Heck Media, Ecochambers, Social Norms, and the infamous ANT DEATH SPIRAL.

Go check out Blackademiks!

Ep.2- “Snitches, Riches, and Bitches”
In the second episode of The Vestibule of Heck Podcast, Mitchell and Brendan go over all of the important (and not so important) happenings. Odell Beckham, Self-Inflicted Drug Busts, and our own works of the week. Not to mention some SECRET HAPPENINGS IN THE NEAR FUTURE. So hey: take a sit-down, grab a bev, and hang out in The Vestibule of Heck.

Ep.1- “Free Will is a Meme”
In the inaugural episode of The Vestibule of Heck Podcast, Mitchell and Brendan discuss the first two weeks of Heck Media happenings, new content on the horizon, and a bunch of current events. Take a sit-down, grab a bev, and hang out in The Vestibule of Heck

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